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AutoBak Backup System

Zeky Technologies' AutoBak System is an FTP based backup system. It enables you to backup your documents onto a secure location on the server. The backup loaction is not shared, so it is not an easy target by network viruses and attacks.

System Features and Functions

  • Automatic Backup – the system is scheduled to automatically run at specified days and times, so it will start on its own without users having to remember to do backups.
  • Uninterruptable – the system will run silently, without any window available for users to cancel the backup.
  • Centralized Monitoring – the administrator will have their own screen for monitoring backups in real time. This enables them to physically visit only those machines that report errors to fix the problem.
  • Centralized Logs – all the backup logs (with backup status and detail) generated on the workstations will be sent to the server for reporting purposes.
  • Security – the system uses a secure connection called FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to backup files to a central server, so there is no need to share (and make vulnerable) the destination folder and server.
  • Logon Not Required – the system backs up files whether the user is logged on or not. This is made possible by what is called windows service which will run as long as the machine is powered on.
  • Failover recovery – if the time for a scheduled backup comes when the machine is offline, it will backup as soon as it is connected to the network.