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ChOIS Cheque Book Printing Interface System

ChOIS stands for Cheque book Ordering Interface System. It is a system used to take cheque book orders from a bank format as given/supplied by the bank and convert it into a format understood by the chequebook printing machine. Because different banks use different file formats, it might be necessary to make some enhancements to the system before one can use it. These can easily be done at your request.

System Features and Functions

  • Cheque Book Serial Number Definitions
  • Cheque Book Styles Management
  • File Export and Import Parameters.
  • Text File (Orders) Import
  • Text File (Formatted Orders) Export
  • Order Tracking (Enquiry)
  • Import Log File (Detailed Tracking - per Record)
  • Export Log File (Detailed Tracking - per Record)
  • Automatic Serial Number Management