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Zeky Technologies Team

Our team is led by an ICT professional with more than 15 years experience, 14 of which he has been in (and with) the banking (or financial) environment, and has more than 8 years at managerial level. He has developed and worked with audited financial systems for many years, with the latest experience being in Financial Systems Integration, Project Management (in Systems Development and Implementations), Consultancy (Systems Implementation) and Strategic Planning.

Our team of professionals has a considerable number of capable and innovative young individuals who can work with clients at all levels of the organisational hierarchies. The combined experience we have with various industries makes us the best choice in providing ICT solutions and services.

At a glance, our ICT professionals have great experience in the following;

  • Financial Systems Integration, Implementation and Support - Equation 3 and EBA for banks, and Afropack for Mircofinance Institutions (MFIs)
  • IP Surveillance Systems Implementation and Support (NVRs, IP Cameras, Video recording software)
  • VoIP Implementation and Support (IP PBXs, IP/SIP Phones, Video Conferencing)
  • Pastel Accounting Implementation and Support
  • Internet Banking System Development and Implementation
  • Other financial systems interface development, implementaion and support – these include cheque printing system interfaces, salaries interfaces, credit card transactions intefaces, and stock broking systems interfaces.
  • ICT Strategy formulation and Implementation for clients.
  • IT Projects Management (planning and implementation).
  • Implementing and Managing Windows Domain Networks, Active Directory (AD) included..
  • Linux (OpenSUSE 10.3-11.2) installations and configurations.
  • Email Servers (Exchange 2003, Cyrus IMAP/POP3) installations and configurations.
  • Firewall and security configurations.
  • E-Commerce websites design and development.
  • Wireless LAN (WiFi) installations and configurations.
  • Systems development.
  • Systems training.
  • Anti-virus systems installations and configurations.
  • Webmail configurations.