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Z-Care Hospital Management System

Z-Care is a health system that automates all the work for a hospital or clinic environemnt. The system has there modules which can be implemented indepentently in case of need (such as pharmacy only environment).

System Features and Functions

  1. Pharmacy Care
    • Stock Item Definitions – for drugs and related items
    • Stock Purchases – both cash and credit – linked to accounting
    • Stock Sales - both cash and credit – linked to accounting
    • Profitability Analysis
    • Reorder Levels – automatic alerts for reordering
    • Bar-code scanning
  2. Accounting Care
    • Account groups and types  - for classifying accounting records
    • Chart of accounts – books of accounts
    • Cashbook entries – receipts and payments
    • Multi cashbook processing – e.g. Cash Vault, Petty Cash, Several Bank Accounts.
    • Debtors Control – for all credit sales
    • Creditors Control – for all credit purchases
    • Journal Entries – for general purpose transactions or JV (Journal Voucher) processing.
    • Bank Reconciliation
    • Account Transfers
    • Trial Balance reports
    • Balance sheet reports
    • Profit and Loss reports
    • Cashbook position and Cash flow reports
  3. Patients Care
    • Patient/customer details (name, address, contact details, etc)
    • Patients diagnostics records
    • Patients treatment records
    • Payment records (linked to the accounting care module)
    • Outbreak analysis