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Contacts xChange: Free Online Contacts Management and Exchange System

If you have ever thought of how and where you can save contact details, without paying anything (absolutely
free, without any hidden costs) and search those contacts by individual names, profession or industry, this is the right place for you. Welcome home. the idea is that all contacts are equally important you should avoid losing them.

System Benefits:

  • The contacts database is easily searchable so you can get your contacts quickly using internet.
  • You no longer need to worry about buying expensive business card holders since you can just save business card details and put the card in your archives.
  • The database is accessible from anywhere in the world so you do not need to carry around some business cards with you.
  • The product is 100%free of charge, so you incurr no costs.
  • You can export your cards to V-Card or X-Card format which can be used in email systems and phones.
  • You can backup your contacts to any media any time, and we also do frequent backups so the information is safe.
  • You can exchange business cards with friends, clients, suppliers, contractors and many others online - so you do not need to print cards for exchanging.

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