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Z-Dealer Frontoffice System

Z-Dealer is front office system for a banking and fund management environments. It deals with money market transactions/deals (such as Treasury Bills, Bankers Acceptances, etc) and bonds (gilts). The system manages the whole process of capturing deals, authorising them (with second level authorisation and risk authorisation if necessary) and confirming them.

System Features and Functions

  • Products/Instruments Setup
  • Bonds Stock Setup
  • Deals capturing (Purchases and Sales) with automatic calculations
  • Withholding Tax
  • Deal Authorisation (3 level) and Confirmation
  • Dealing Limits
  • Counterpart Limits
  • Automatic Deals Slips (Contract Notes)
  • Deals Audit
  • Deal Cancellation
  • Inbuilt Database Backup
  • Comprehensive Reporting