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ZekyLoans Microfinance and Money Lending System

ZekyLoans is a reliable, user friendly microfinance and money lending system that automates all the work of microfinance and money lending institutions with functions ranging from customer (borrower) registration, loan application and automatic repayment schedules to cashbook transactions management.

User Friendly - Once you have setup all the configuration items (which include client details, transaction codes, loan parameters) the system takes care of all calculations and reports production. All the functions are easily accessible and are properly labelled.

System Features and Functions

  • Client Registration
  • Loan Application and Approval
  • Funds Disbursement
  • Automatic repayment schedules
  • Client Statements
  • Portfolio Analysis
  • Internal Accounts (General Ledger) Management
  • Cashbook management—receipts and payments with multiple cashbooks
  • Cash deposits and withdrawals
  • Flexible charges—you can define your own charge codes
  • Journal postings—for all other transactions such as manual charges and posting adjustments
  • Account transfers, taking into account bank deposits and withdrawals
  • Teller/Cashier Cash-in (cash increase) and cash-out (cash decrease)
  • Cash balancing for cash drawers/tills
  • Transaction Audit
  • Reporting—client deals, statements, cash positions, Arrears Report, Ageing Analysis and many more.