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ZekyScore Competency Profiling System

ZekyScore is a competency profiling system that can be used either on employee/department appraissals or in the recruitment exercise to rate individuals. The actual use however depends on what you want to do with the ratings that the system gives you.

System Features and Functions

  • Flexible competency definitions - you can create your own competencies and there is no limit to the number of competencies you can define.
  • Flexible competency components (measurements) - you are free to define any number of components for a given competency.
  • Flexible Rating Periods - the system provides you with a facility to define any number of rating periods for scoring.
  • Unlimited Raters - you can define any number of raters or staff members.
  • Ratings Exportation - the system allows you to export the ratings or scores to an Excel Workbook for further analysis.
  • Rating Graphs - the scoring is also presented in a graph expored together with the excel file.