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ZekyTruck Transport Business Management System

ZekyTruck system is a trucking business management system that enables business owners to record and track truck activities including servicing, trip mangement, fueling and manye more. It has been created to provide an efficient processing structure for well-defined transactions in the trucking business. By providing unique, easy and seamless data manipulating, analyzing and presenting tools, ZekyTruck seeks to become the de facto standard and leading package for the trucking business.

System Features and Functions

  • Truck/Vehicle Trip Management
  • Performance per Vehicle
  • Performance per Period
  • Cashbook transactions (receipts and payments)
  • Invoicing and Credit transactions
  • Client and Supplier Statements
  • Financial Reports such Income Statement
  • Salary Payments and reporting
  • Journal Voucher (JVs) Processing
  • Bank Reconicliation